Friday, May 6, 2011

Another padded camera strap

I made another padded camera strap cover this morning!

Black and gold for Matt's aunt to wear to Iowa Hawkeye games!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May day baskets

Nobody seems to make Mayday baskets anymore, but I loved getting them left on my doorstep as a kid, so it's a tradition I've carried on with my girls.

Paper flowers taped to drinking straws-

Lollipops in paper flowers-

Baskets of goodies to leave on the doorsteps of friends-

Happy May day (a couple days late ;))

Initial tee's

It all started with my friend Jessi asking me to make a shirt out of some leftover fabric scraps to match a skirt she'd made for her daughter.

Of course I did an initial because that's all I ever do lately, but jazzed it up a little with a circle of the coordinating fabric and a little bow!

Then I wanted to make a baby gift for a friend from work who just had twins, so I went with the same idea-

I added a cutie little hat to keep those baby heads warm-

A pretty little rose out of matching fabrics-

Then I started thinking they were turning out so cute - Claire needed one too-

with matching socks-

then I added some ruffles on the backside, because everything is better with ruffles-

Then I decided maybe a skirt would finish off the outfit-

I might have to make her one of those hats too, they were so sweet!
Yeah, I get carried away sometimes - at least I didn't make one for myself :)
Hopefully she'll be feeling better this weekend and I can get some cutie pictures of her wearing it to post!