Friday, March 11, 2011

Ribbon edged lovey blanket

I made this ribbon edged lovey blanket (like a taggie) for a friends new baby.

First I cut a 11x14 rectangle of puppy fabric.  Then I cut 5 inch strips of  ribbon and folded them in half so they were 2.5 inches, then pinned them to the edge of the flannel.

I cut a piece of minky fabric the same size and put it face down, right sides together on the puppy fabric, then laid a piece of quilt batting on top.

I straight stitched along the edge, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance to be sure I caught all the ribbon pieces.

Repeat along all the sides-

Whe you get to the fourth side, be sure to leave a space in the center for turned the blanket right side out.

So I sewed along the edge, but skipped a 3-inch spot in the center.

I turned the blanket right side out through this hole. 

To close the hole I slipped one more strip on ribbon into it and pinned it in place.

At this point you can either hand stitch that little hole closed, or go around the entire edge with the machine, I chose to use the machine.

And the finished baby gift set!

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