Sunday, March 20, 2011

Travel diaper case

I wanted to make a little bag to match my new wipe case and hold everything needed for a diaper change on the go-

First I laid out my fabrics, right sides together with a piece of fusible fleece on top-

I wanted it to hold three diapers, plus my new wipes case so I laid those on top to measure -

Then I cut the fabric leaving room for sewing the seams.  It ended up being about 9x26 inches.

Then I started sewing, I went around 3 of the sides-

then trimmed the corners and turned it right side out-

It looked like this.  The outside will be floral and the lining will be the purple print material-

I wanted the flap edge rounded so I traced a mixing bowl on the top, then turned it inside out again and sewed along the line leaving a small space to turn again-

I turned it right side out and sewed on some Velcro squares-

I pinned some ribbon onto the front letting it hang over the edge a little.  Then I sewed up the edges to form a little bag (inside out again)-

When I flipped it it looked like this - finished, but I didn't really love the way the flap looked-

So I cut a 2-inch strip of my purple fabric to make a ruffle and sewed it in half-

Then I started pinning it to the flap in a pleated ruffle-

Once I stitched that into place I liked the finished look a little more-

With the flap open-

filled with my wipes case and 3 diapers-

What an adorable little set!  I'm so happy with the way these turned out!  I'm definitely going to be making more to share with friends!

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  1. Super duper cute!! Almost makes me wish Rylin wasn't potty trained....almost lol.