Friday, April 1, 2011

Corner Mantle

So I have a corner fireplace in my living room, and I have an impossible time decorating that space.  I had a bunch of pictures up there, but it just looked too messy for me.  Today I took everything off and am going to start over, but I'm not really sure where to start.  The ceiling is high and the mantle is so deep, nothing seems to look right.  I'm thinking of propping a mirror up at the back?  I don't know.  Anyone else have a mantle like this or any ideas?

I'll post finished pictures when I get this figured out!  Maybe a trip to Hobby Lobby will give me some ideas!

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  1. Just wanted to follow up with the skirt tutorial on NJAH--I hemmed the lining the same as the skirt, but somehow forgot to include that. I will go back and try to insert it. Ack!!
    Also, I typically use broadcloth to line skirts--it is a cotton/polyester mix that is kind of thin and inexpensive. It wears well as a lining and comes in lots of colors. For this skirt, I actually only used white because it is what I had on hand when I was making the skirt and it is easy to sew for a tutorial. Normally, I would have used a color from the skirt. Since it doesn't show and is acting as a slip, it probably doesn't matter in the end. Sorry for the confusion! Please feel free to email me with any other questions. Thanks!