Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Padded camera strap cover

To start you want to cut your outer fabric and your lining fabric both 5.5 inches by 31 inches.
Cut your fusible fleece 4.5x30 inches

I stitched my two pieces of fabric together, right sides together

Ironed the fusible fleece onto the pink lining fabric-
I finished off the ends by folding them under twice and stitching along the fold.
I added a pleated ruffle to the inside edge of my printed fabric-

stitched it in place-

I stitched the right sides together again, to make a tube and turned it so that It was now one padded piece.  Printed fabric on top with ruffle on one side, fleece padding in the middle, and pink lining fabric underneath.  I didn't make my ruffle go all the way to the end because I wanted to add a little pocket to put my lens cap into-

The pocket was basically a flop.  I added it, but it's so small I can hardly cram my lens cap into it.  I couldn't make it any bigger though, because it was the whole width of my strap already - oh well.
Then I stitched it in half again, this time pink to pink (lining to lining) so the inside of the tube is pink (lining) and the outside is all the pretty printed material-
Of course I forgot to take pictures before putting it on my camera, so I had to find our old point and shoot to get a picture!  You can see the flop of a pocket down on the end with the green fabric.  Maybe I can store something else in there since my lens cap is too big - maybe candy to bribe my kids into smiling for pictures?
In hindsight I'm wishing I'd have used a prettier thread color than white to stitch on the ruffle.  Either pink so it blended in, or maybe a teal to make the colors in the fabric stand out.
All in all I'm pretty happy with it.  The padding really makes the weight of the camera less noticeable around my neck, and it's pretty too!
Finished size ended up just under 2.5 inches by 30 inches.

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