Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Initial Bib

Last night both my girls went to bed early so I decided to take advantage of the spare time and make a couple bibs. I've been obsessed with putting initials on everything I make, so I had to add those too!
First I ironed some scrap pieces of fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of my fabric-

Then traced on my letters (I cut my letters with my cricut, but you could print letters off word onto cardstock and cut them out too.

Like this-

I traced around a bib I already had and liked-

Peeled the backing off my letter and ironed it on-

Then stitched around it-


Then to make the backing I cut the bib out around the backing fabric, right sides together-

I added a couple pins and starting stitching around the edge-

Things shifted and everything got out of wack.  Luckily, I'm a pro with the seam ripper and quickly took the whole thing back apart to start over.  Whoever invented the seam ripper was a genius! 

The second time around I used a whole lot more pins, sewed right sided together leaving a little hole for turning it right side out.  I turned it and top stitched around the whole thing.-

Then added some velcro squares.  Black would have looked better, but white was all I had on hand-

It finished up pretty cute-

The back-side is pretty cute too, totally reversible!


  1. What a lovely idea!!! I'm in love with this minky fabric!! I love appliques:-) I found your blog through Tatertots and Jello, and I'm so glad I did!!! I'm now following, can't wait to see more of your stuff:-)
    Maybe if you get the chance you could come over to my blog @ and check out my appliques:)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Lucie loves her bib and mommy loves it even more! So thankful I have a friend who can make us such cute things!